What the frig (insert your favorite F word) is with the smoke detectors going off at 5:30 AM? To me it has to be on of the following:

  1. Someone wants to see me scamper around like a frantic ant.
  2. Ghost playing a not so funny practical joke.
  3. Test mode built in to the detector.
  4. Detector realizes it is a holiday day for me and wanted me out of bed as usual at 5:30am.
  5. Detector wanted to see how far our dog can stick his tell between his legs
  6. Dectector needs batteries, which can’t be the case sinse these are wired into the electric.

Needless to say it was a false alarm. I always check and see if there is an actual  fire before beating the smoke detectors into submission, plus joy, the 3 alarms are all tied together.

Ok so after putting the power of google to work it seems there might be a dust issue to deal with. I am thinking this afternoon in the rain and thunder in the forecast, I’m going to do some cleaning out of the smoke detectors. I hope that helps as this is not a great way to wake up in the morning.

One last thing…. why I’m I afraid to grind my morning coffee for fear of waking my son, the smoke detectors going off for 5 mins didn’t wake him!