So it is about me!

Not something I’m great at but here is some detail My name is Mark, I’m a in my late 30’s I have a beautiful wife and an amazing little boy who is 5. We live in Ontario Canada, in a rural town northeast of Toronto.I can’t forget our Bad Brown Boy Beagle or BBBB for short.

Mr Chay, Chase, BBBB, Noah buddy

Mr Chay, Chase

Why Limin in the Countryside as the title for my blog? I enjoy hanging out with my family at home. Limin is a Trinidadian slang for hanging out. I first heard about it when my wife and I where planning a trip  to the British Virgin Islands and since then it is a term that is never far from my mind.  It suits my personality. 

What are some of my passions and what will I blog about? My family, gardening, MTB riding, skiing/snowboarding, camping canoeing, and lots of other little things that occupy my mind.

As you have quickly found out I’m not a great speller, or  writer but I hope you can look past that and enjoy what I bring up and good and bad. 

Hope you enjoy


mark.s684 at


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Your blog is amazing… and your wrong… you are a great writer and speller…
    You’ve come along way since high school.

    Was awesome to read about you again after all these years.
    Take care of yourself and your family…
    Connie (aka Forde in school)

  2. Nice use of “limin'”! 🙂

    Glad I found your blog — looking forward to learning more!


  3. Just found your blog, as you posted on mine! Glad you are enjoying my recipes as I am now going to look through yours!

  4. Melanie ( Davis ) Says:

    Hey Mark :

    Wow.. it has been a long time….I cant even remember how long ago…

    I started reading through some of your blogs and I cant quit… They are great…!!!
    It is kinda funny reading about you and your adventures, as I remember you as the so so shy guy in school…a definate character that is for sure,but a shy one.

    Just wanted to say great job… and congrats on the family….

    Take care,


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