About a week, I asked my son what he wanted to give his Mom for Mother’s Day. Without a second thought he said a pair of rubber boots with a plant in them. So okay I thought, definitely not the conversation I was expecting. Normally this would be a long conversation. Apparently he got the idea from NickJr.com, when playing on their web site.

So what do you need:

  • Pair of rubber boots, new or used, we picked up a pair for a 1.00 at the Salvation Army.
  • Some rocks for drainage and for weight.
  • Potting soil.
  • Two plants.

Drill some drain holes. I used 1/4″ and put 5 holes in each boot. Fill the foot part with stone for drainage and weight. Next place some soil in till a depth that will allow your plant to reach the top, put the plant in and give it a drink.

Finished- a gift to melt a Mother’s heart