The advent calendar is showing the 21st as excited as some people are for the 25th,  but for me the excitement is only two more working days. Then I’m off 5 days straight and for my business that is a good as it gets. Yes it sucks compared to some people’s holidays, but I’m still excited. Families have been visited, gifts have all been done (Thank you sweet heart), so it is a quiet family Christmas with my bride and son, but it is going to be so nice. 

So I found myself wondering today what do I look forward to the most about this time of year? Bet you can’t stand the wait, well here it is in no particular order:

  • Playing games, Lego, Wii with my little man.
  • Quiet evenings spent with my bride.
  • Preparing our holiday meal together and eating as a family.
  • Spending quiet mornings in the house while everyone is sleeping.
  • Cookies, Christmas cookies, how I love cookies.
  • hoping for some fresh snow on Christmas eve or morning.
  • Going skiing with my little man for the first time this season.
  • Fresh brewed coffee with… can you guess…… Christmas cookies

I’m sure I have forgotten some things but those are the main ones and looking over them they look a little boring but hey it is what I enjoy and I hope you are excited for the holidays to coming.

So what are you excited about this holiday season?