I’m not a baker I prefer to cook, like the freeform feeling of cooking. I like the creating of flavors that blend well and making something that is special. Baking to me is the opposite of that, more following the directions, getting the ratio right so it rises or doesn’t rise if needed or burn. My baking is limited to cookies, birthday cake for my wife, occasionally I will make a tart. A pie is my wife’s domain and she makes a fantastic pie, be it apple or any filling, it is just magical. The closest to a pie for me is this apple tart I made.

This is not a low-fat dish it has butter in it and a lot of almonds but maybe that doesn’t count since it is a good fat.  I’m sure the “Butter” will not change that. 

This recipe like a lot we make came from online, we tend to favour a site called AllRecipes.com. The recipe I used to make this low-fat tart was “French Apple Tart (Tarte de Pommes a la Normande)” yes I m getting all fancy with my french cooking. Easy recipe to make don’t let the name or the fact it’s a tart make you think other wise. I followed the recipe except in couple of places:

  • Didn’t have ground almonds so I chopped them in the food processor till they looked like bread crumbs. Never having used ground almonds not sure if that is the consistency but it is what I had.
  • I skipped the booze, we don’t drink brandy and I think whiskey wouldn’t do it justice so I used half almond extract and water.
  • I got a tip from the Naked Chef once that instead of rolling out tart shell to cut it thinly and place around your pan then press it down into the sides, trim the top edge and push the center together. I like this since me and a rolling-pin don’t get along.

 Thanks for reading