A fast little project that we have talked about is a common location to have calender, memo, and shopping list. While after some debate over what would work for a PC running Google Calender to white board we settled on a chalk board. So in are house are most common room is are kitchen it is where we spend a lot of time and we travel through it to do most things in are house so it is definitely the heart of are house. So perfect location for are family chalk board. When are son was younger we had made a felt board on this wall and had a calender about it, he haven’t used the felt board for a long time so it needed to get removed and the wall repaired.

This project was pretty easy; all we needed was blackboard paint sold at home depot, I also primed first and some trim you like we used chair rail for are trim. So the process was to fix the wall with spakle, Cut the trim to size and nail to the wall we used a level and square to keep it straight and square. Next you want to fill and sane the nail holes and give the future blackboard a sand to smooth the wall help the primer grip. Prime the space let it dry per can instruction then apply your blackboard paint, we needed two coats to get a good finish. You can’t use it for several day so are little man was chomping at the bit to draw on it.

This was a project that me and my son did as a father son team so it was fun, a little hard to let him at the wall with a paint roller but I managed to let him do it with a couple of tips. All in all it was a great little project didn’t take a lot of time or expense and will be a nice benefit to are family.


Sorry, I just so have had enough of them. It was in 2009 that I used the Weed Man to attempt to clean-up a weed problem I have due to the removal of all weed killing chemicals from store shelves and the passing of a law against their use.

We have politely about 20 times told them that we are not interested in their service and that we don’t wish to be solicited by them.  They have continued to over the past 2 yrs since to call monthly to try to get us to return and we have either not answered the phone call or told that person that we are not interested. In the past 2 months they have been calling daily and blocking the number. Well last night was the straw that broke the camels back, they called not once but twice.  The last poor lady that got the screaming and yelling from me I’m a little sorry but come on people 8:45 at night getting my son ready for bed and you already called me an hour ago.

So needless to say I’m going to fight back a little and cause some shit because lets face it what business school did these idiots go to that makes them think that I would ever return to them. They are wasting their money and time and hopefully if my little blog post about them keeps one person from going to them then I take one for the team.

Friday we had a very close friend and family over to the house to swim and relax by the pool. It was such a beautiful day to spend outside. Her husband likes to cook and was looking at my garden and was asking some questions about what I was growing. Told him about what I was growing he asked if he could have some rhubarb. Well of course, then we seen my out of control oregano plant and asked if he could have some of that of course and he also took some radishes.

In gardening there are several things I enjoy, one of them is sharing my garden bounty with others. I love talking about and sharing what grows in it. This year’s garden is not bad, but there are still not a lot of things ready for eating and sharing but it is slowly coming.

Happy Sharing

Love watching Seed sprot and Grow

Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart, you are the best Mother I could ask for, or want for our little man.

To my Mother- I miss you like it was only yesterday, but in reality it was so very long ago. I hope you are enjoying your Mother’s day where you are. Have a Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

And to any other Mother stopping by today, enjoy your day and remember that without you there would be no us. Enjoy your day.

Occasionally I come across something that goes on my favorite list, kind like Oprah, but for the frugal at heart. Well the latest entry to this list is the leaf net I picked up yesterday. Ever since seeing one last fall when we closed the pool I have coveted one, and yesterday I purchased it. It was not expensive at $18.00 plus tax but I just used it and it was worth every penny.

Santa hats are getting smaller and smaller, think it fits my bride better

The holidays came and went so fast this year, I really enjoyed my time off and doing what I love to do, limin with my family. Yesterday we ventured out into the great out doors to have dinner with close friends, and today we are going to take our boy out to spend the gift card that has been burning a hole in his pocket.

So what made the holiday special? My son and wife of course. When we came downstairs Christmas morning the first thing he wanted opened wasn’t a gift for him but the gift he got his mother from when we went shopping,

Showing off her slap chop the gift my boy had to get his mother

Feeding the addiction some more lego

Friday evening we transformed our house, like every year, to a Christmas wonderland. Maybe not wonderland but a house that definitely shows Christmas is coming. We have put up our first of two trees, yes two. Why two you may ask? Well we like to have a real tree but we won’t get that until 2-3 weeks before the big day, and my wife and son love christmas, not necessarily the  just day but everything that comes before it and this is one part of that. We made the two tree decision to allow for them to have a tree up several weeks earlier (don’t tell them but I like also).  The artificial tree is kinda special in a weird family way, we use it to display our growing collection of homemade ornaments. Every year we pick an ornament craft for us to do as a family and one weekend we while sit down and make those ornaments. Yes it is kind of a corny thing but personally it is something I love.  Seeing the corny, okay, lets just say less than beautiful creations from the years before. I will post our craft this year once we get it made.

Anyways here is some pictures of the tree this year.

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