So in an attempt to keep me happy the weed man returned to do the reapplication of their weed product to my lawn. Today has been an extremely rainy day so not the best day to work outside.

Anyways the salesman that sold us the service is who was sent out to do the reapplication, he was talking to my wife and said I ran out of product there is so many weeds, even killex wouldn’t even get ride of this many weeds. This product will not get rid of purple clover… This is the same person that said he would be able to fix it up no problem when he wanted the business.

So I must say I get some sick joy out of this guy working in the rain, and him eating every word he said to get us to book…. I find it interesting that they have spent 6 hours doing free service to fix my weed issue that they seem to openly say they can’t do instead of just issuing me the credit I have wanted since the start of the issue. So lets see, they have spent 6 hour as a company dealing with this for no charge not including materials, so at say 25.00 overhead cost min of that is 150.00 plus say 150-200 material so total loss to them of 300 to 350. If it was me I would have issued the credit in the first place. But that is their choice.

Okay back to grinning about the guy in the rain; in the words of Craig Ferguson “take that weed man”. And on the positive I will not have to chase the hose and water tonight, thank you mother nature


Okay I have a confession, I love gardening but I hate, hate lawn care. Hate is a strong word but I’m not a person that spends his time farting with my grass, never have been, never will be. So my wife and I decided that before our neighbours start to get out the pitchforks and chase us from are land we better make some improvements to our lawn. Like a lot of places the use of herbicides has been outlawed here, so we called several people to see what they could offer. So the weed man came to give us a price for their natural weed killer and fertilization, it was reasonable and was going to help with our weed issue. 

They came and fertilized the lawn that was reasonable price and good service, but when they came and did our weed application of their product  the Sarritor product was expensive and we had not been told that is must be watered in for 3 days in order for it to work. Watering in doesn’t sound like a big deal, well it is when you have an acre to do. So for the last 4 weeks I have been fighting with them to credit us for the product that did not work, and their own employee said was “Hit or miss” when he came to check on my issue, plus only applied to some of the broad leaf weeds not all of them. So my battle has still been ongoing and still going, I had the joy of being treated to the worst customer service on July 21. I told the snotty lady to give me a manager he was out of course, so said have him call which he didn’t. So I called again this morning talked to them again, they will not credit me for the work but will come out and reapply the sarritor. So I said okay and will water it in for 3 days as told and while I’m watering it in I will be sending a letter about my frustration and canceling my service for further treatments.

So that being done it is time for me to start looking into other methods of weed control and lawn care turf building and I will forward my findings and eventually some results.