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About a week, I asked my son what he wanted to give his Mom for Mother’s Day. Without a second thought he said a pair of rubber boots with a plant in them. So okay I thought, definitely not the conversation I was expecting. Normally this would be a long conversation. Apparently he got the idea from, when playing on their web site.

So what do you need:

  • Pair of rubber boots, new or used, we picked up a pair for a 1.00 at the Salvation Army.
  • Some rocks for drainage and for weight.
  • Potting soil.
  • Two plants.

Drill some drain holes. I used 1/4″ and put 5 holes in each boot. Fill the foot part with stone for drainage and weight. Next place some soil in till a depth that will allow your plant to reach the top, put the plant in and give it a drink.

Finished- a gift to melt a Mother’s heart


There are certain activities that I do with my son that make me feel like a kid. And really, is there any better feeling then feeling like a kid when you are older and have the all pressures that most adults feel? What is this feeling for me? It is this little flashback I feel of doing these things when I was younger.

So what are theses activities you wonder, well here is a list in no particular order of a couple:

  • Riding a bike. like a lot of kids, I spent countless hours of my childhood riding my bike.
  • Playing Lego. This was always a great thing, I spent hours playing similar to my son when he plays.
  • Skiing. The excitement of skiing those first couple years, the rush of going straight down the hill.
  • Playing a board game.  I love to play board games with him so much, a great memory of doing it as a kid.
  • Flying a kite. This is one that caused the post. I love flying a kite, not that I did it a lot when I was young, but I just love the feeling it gives you- part being a kid, part relaxation.

So what activities do you do that make you feel like a kid?

My son as I have said before has a serious Lego addiction, and when he learned to use a computer one of his favorite sites is… can you guess?…… . Lego has recently started marketing  board games and of course my son loves to look at them and then quickly disappears to make his own. This weekend I paid attention to the game and figured out some basic rules. So until Lego gets the games into Canadian stores, here is our version of the game. 

Lego Game

Winners Stand and Blocker Storage

The Objective 

To be the first player to move your Lego guy or gal from the start to the center, before your opponent and trh not to be eaten by the rock monster. We played with three players each and the kid or big kid that gets all three to the winners stand wins. 

What you need: 

Large Lego sheet, bunch of blocks to make the playing field, we made ours for four players but what ever you want. You will need a dice, at our house it is always the snakes and ladder dice that we use.  3 Lego people per person, and  blocker blocks. 

Rules are simple: 

Youngest goes first, he rolls and moves his Lego person the number of studs he rolled, good for counting and fine motor. If you roll a 6 you move the rock monster 8 studs in any direction, if you roll a 1 you block any player and they loss their turn. Rock monster rules if you are within the 8 studs and the rock monster eats you, and you have to go to the start. 

(wonder when they are hitting the stores.)

The advent calendar is showing the 21st as excited as some people are for the 25th,  but for me the excitement is only two more working days. Then I’m off 5 days straight and for my business that is a good as it gets. Yes it sucks compared to some people’s holidays, but I’m still excited. Families have been visited, gifts have all been done (Thank you sweet heart), so it is a quiet family Christmas with my bride and son, but it is going to be so nice. 

So I found myself wondering today what do I look forward to the most about this time of year? Bet you can’t stand the wait, well here it is in no particular order:

  • Playing games, Lego, Wii with my little man.
  • Quiet evenings spent with my bride.
  • Preparing our holiday meal together and eating as a family.
  • Spending quiet mornings in the house while everyone is sleeping.
  • Cookies, Christmas cookies, how I love cookies.
  • hoping for some fresh snow on Christmas eve or morning.
  • Going skiing with my little man for the first time this season.
  • Fresh brewed coffee with… can you guess…… Christmas cookies

I’m sure I have forgotten some things but those are the main ones and looking over them they look a little boring but hey it is what I enjoy and I hope you are excited for the holidays to coming.

So what are you excited about this holiday season?

I had the most wonderful weekend. Yes to some it will be considered boring nothing special, but to me it was fun, comforting, and just enjoyable. So what made it this way.

Friday I left work  early and picked up my boy for a little Dad time, the plan was to go shopping for Christmas gifts for his Mom and Chase (the dog) and then to supper. We decided to head to Wal-Mart since what he had been talking about getting could be found there. He of course did his normal thing I have grown to love, of picking gifts for my reaction, but I could tell when he found the right one. Anyways he picked out all of the gifts he wanted for Chase, his fish and Mom, so I asked him where he wanted to eat and I named off the options that where close by.  He said he wanted to eat at home, okay not the point of the outing but I can understand why, been a tough long day at school and he wants to relax at home. As we walked from the store to the car he decides on the Big Tomato (East Side Mario’s) so we head over for dinner and get a booth. He sits across from me  and then says “Daddy I want to sit next to you”.  Could there be better words spoken? We had a nice dinner, except for the cross examination he gave me about the Big Guy, you know Mr S.

Saturday I was up early for coffee and enjoyed the quite of the early morning. Saturday is hockey in the AM and then normally shopping for groceries and then relaxing at home. Well we did all that.  Hockey was fun, we divided and conquered for groceries and were home to relax. Since it is the holiday season we are (okay my bride is ) doing baking. I enjoy baked items and enjoy helping out, but it is not my favorite, I like to cook more than bake. She made buckeye balls, and short bread and I made the first of two nostalgic recipes, confetti square. I have great memories of my Mom baking as a child and I loved to help her. I think that is where my enjoyment of cooking came from. This is a recipe that was a staple holiday item when I was a kid. It was so fun to remember this since it has been such a long since I have seen her. The rest of our day consisted of more normal stuff playing with our boy and eating supper together. My boy had his turn bringing the Advent wreath home, so we did that after supper and then the 3 of us enjoyed a little time in our hot tub. It was a nice night for it. After he went to bed we watched my new favourite Christmas movie, Christmas With the Kranks.

Sunday morning for use is normally the most relaxing day. I was up before the man and was able to do new blog headers finally, and finished up a post for Ordinary Joe. Mr Little Man is not a morning eater so when he got up he watched a couple of cartoons then ate. After that I decided to make the second nostalgic recipe, Monster cookies. This is a great recipe I remember from being a child, it wasn’t a holiday cookie but one that I enjoyed as a kid and one of the first cookie recipes I made all on my own as a boy. Definitely wonderful when my son asked what I was making and I said “monster cookies” he said “you can’t make monster cookies it’s not hallowen” I said “sure you can, are you not going to have any” and he said “NO”. As a parent you kinda have an idea of flavours and tastes your child has for me the recipe had, peanut butter and chocolate chips. need I say more. And of course the cookie monster seemed to sneak off with two or three till he got caught crumb handed. The rest of our Sunday seemed to flow by. We did manage to squeeze in a few exciting sets of family Lego Rock Band.

Yes to the outside person maybe not too exciting for a weekend, but to me great times spent in the company of the two people I love and mean the world to me. And some wonderful memories of my mother and being a young kid.

And thank you Marla for the recipes, I really appreciated them and will add them to our cook book.

We headed out one beautiful Sat morning to get our family Christmas tree. Before we went out we enjoyed our traditional pancake feast, and put on a pot of hamburger soup in the crock pot. Just like picking apples, we keep it local and support the local farmers. This is our third year going to this tree farm it is run by a husband and wife team, and they are very nice and friendly. We didn’t have any snow this year so not as feastive as other years, but luckily it wasn’t the blizzard that we had the year before. This year my boy chose the tree for us, helped to cut it down and carry it. For me, I think, this is one of the most fun and most memorable parts of the holidays. Below are some pictures of our adventure.

Do you use an advent calender? We do. We actually have two one, is a fabric calender we have had for 5 years and we place chocolates inside it or when are son was younger food he was able to eat. This year it has chocolate Santas (kinda like a chocolate egg with different wrappers) and peanut butter cups. Both are my son’s favorites and I also got some extras for my bride and me of course. We also started last year to give him a second advent calender this one has a little toy each day. Last year it was this  Playmobil calendar and he loved waiting to see what was next and adding to the scene it made, or playing with them. This year we have gone with my son’s all time favorite thing to play with LEGO, this should be interesting and fun to see what comes out each day.

This year advent calander #2These are both far cries from the calender I had as a kid, that had the worst quality chocolate in them and for some reason never had chocolate under all the windows. I just remember why, it is because I used to sneak the other days out through the openings I made before. Kinda clever I think.

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