I’m not a baker I prefer to cook, like the freeform feeling of cooking. I like the creating of flavors that blend well and making something that is special. Baking to me is the opposite of that, more following the directions, getting the ratio right so it rises or doesn’t rise if needed or burn. My baking is limited to cookies, birthday cake for my wife, occasionally I will make a tart. A pie is my wife’s domain and she makes a fantastic pie, be it apple or any filling, it is just magical. The closest to a pie for me is this apple tart I made.

This is not a low-fat dish it has butter in it and a lot of almonds but maybe that doesn’t count since it is a good fat.  I’m sure the “Butter” will not change that. 

This recipe like a lot we make came from online, we tend to favour a site called The recipe I used to make this low-fat tart was “French Apple Tart (Tarte de Pommes a la Normande)” yes I m getting all fancy with my french cooking. Easy recipe to make don’t let the name or the fact it’s a tart make you think other wise. I followed the recipe except in couple of places:

  • Didn’t have ground almonds so I chopped them in the food processor till they looked like bread crumbs. Never having used ground almonds not sure if that is the consistency but it is what I had.
  • I skipped the booze, we don’t drink brandy and I think whiskey wouldn’t do it justice so I used half almond extract and water.
  • I got a tip from the Naked Chef once that instead of rolling out tart shell to cut it thinly and place around your pan then press it down into the sides, trim the top edge and push the center together. I like this since me and a rolling-pin don’t get along.

 Thanks for reading


 BBQ Chicken

As I have mentioned before we enjoy making homemade pizza, we tend to make it once a month or more depending on mood and time. This Saturday was beautiful here so we decided to cook them on the BBQ and eat outside. We love eating outside. We look forward to it all winter long.

So what do you need? The nice thing about pizza is that you be creative and make it anyway you like. What you will need: dough, and your favorite flavor combinations and that is about it. Cooking pizza is, as one of my son’s favorite TV character says,  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy. There are two ways to cook the pizza, straight on the grill itself- I tried this it works not bad but tends to be a little more farty. My favorite way is take your trusty pizza stone and use it. Remember we like thin crust pizza so a stone and high heat is the right combination, when I say high don’t mean the BBQ on high, I mean put the stone on low heat. I have three burners so I put the stone on one side and use the burner not under the stone to bring the heat back up if it falls down from opening the cover. Remember low on the burners keep it around 500 to 600 degrees is what you are after.

So prep our pizzas- we made four today that is what the dough yielded. We make them all at once placing them on cutting boards or trays and then we cooked them one at a time. We also put the finished pizza on a baking cooling rack while we cooked the others to keep the crust crispy the way we like it.

My Pizza tips

  • Try a new flavor combination, it is the fun of making pizza.
  • No more then three ingredients, if you want more than that on it make a side salad instead.
  • Use a pizza stone, once you try it you will not go back to pans or cooking on the rack again.
  • Use cornmeal on your boards to keep it from sticking before you cook.
  • Keep the heat high in the 500 to 600 range.

So here is the outcome of the pizzas we made this weekend. After BBQing.

So the experiment worked (kinda figured it would I was sensing pie). Since it is spring and rhubarb is growing, this pie is amazing as usual. We have eaten half of it, well maybe more I have. But I read someplace that it is a very good food for adventure race training  and conditioning, it is organic, honestly it is check on google.

Thank sweetheart.

As I have said before my darling can make pie, she is one of the two best pie makers I know. She recently made a pie I haven’t had in a long time. It was my favorite as a kid. Well what is it you are wondering? First, some questions… What is your favorite pie? What makes it your favorite? Here is a picture of my favorite, can you guess what it is?

So what type is it?

Maybe this will help too…

My sweet, kick ass pie maker got the recipe from all recipe. Another blogger I read sometimes hinted to his wife to make a pie by taking a picture of an empty pie plate, this could go a couple of ways:

  1. No pie, and maybe a look of what do you think I am.
  2. A pie, but the only pie that I don’t care for, mince meat
  3. A beautiful wonderful pie made by my wife.

Let’s try the experiment and see.

Like most people that like to cook we have an ever growing collection of cook books. Some we get because we like the look and recipes when we browse at Indigo, some we get as gifts from each other or family, some we order because we like the blog recipes like the Pioneer Woman or Steamy Kitchen. But I have one book that is extra special to me. This cookbook was typed, collated, printed, and illustrated by my family! As a little boy if memory serves me it was 1980 or earlier, my Mom who was a member of our church women’s group was asked or volunteered to help assemble a cookbook as a fundraiser for the women’s group. My Mother was a secretary so she was a great typer and she also had access to a portable printing press. The cover art was done by my Dad, I remember him sitting at his drafting board drawing that picture of our church. The recipes in this book are not all my Mother’s, they are a collection of recipes from the local ladies from that church and when I read this book the names are  familar to me.  I know them well and many of these women have now passed away, but their names live on in this book and the dishes they made.

My mother passed away in a car accident in 83, so maybe that is what makes seeing her name in this book and reading the recipes that she made when I was a boy so special. Even my copy of this special book has some history as it was given to me from my Grandmother.  It too has special memories and meaning since she has sinced passed on but her recipes live on inside of this book also.

One of my favorite things to make is a nice simple Sunday brunch, and since today we took a day off from skiing, I had time for the first time in a long time to make a simple brunch. Do you every wonder where the name came from? I of course was a little interested. My brunch are very simple I made cinnamon buns, and a fruit salad that is, it like I said, simple. The cinnamon buns where a spur of the moment idea so yeast was not an option so I googled up a recipe to try. The recipe I ended up making came from this site. It was simple and easy to make with standard cupboard staples. Then the fruit salad, as a parent of a 5-year-old I can’t make this with out the Wiggles fruit salad yummy yummy song going on in my head.

And for those of you that haven’t experienced the Wiggles fruit salad song then this is for you.

No need to thank me for the visual and a song that will now always come to mind for you if you make fruit salad.

Pizza is one of my favourite foods to make, we love thin crust, and love-making our own flavour combinations, the added plus of home-made pizza is the ability to make special pizzas for people who are not fans of certain types of foods (like our son and veggies). This pizza evening was caused by a post by the  Pioneer Woman her pizza was the muse for this flavour combination and it is now one of our favorites.

Roasted Eggplant and Tomoto Pizza

She makes her own crust. We have made it like she has, or used this recipe for a great quick pizza crust, to premade fresh or frozen. Each are different some, are better than others, but for the most part the crust is a small part. It is to me the flavour combinations that make this a tasty meal. Two years ago I was doing some research into making a wood fired oven for pizza and other foods, during this research I read some interesting information that said the best pizza is limited to no more than 3 ingredients and for us personally that is the key… simple is much better. The other tip is to use a pizza stone  you can get different sizes and materials, we have a round 18″ stone, and they also work great on your BBQ.

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