A fast little project that we have talked about is a common location to have calender, memo, and shopping list. While after some debate over what would work for a PC running Google Calender to white board we settled on a chalk board. So in are house are most common room is are kitchen it is where we spend a lot of time and we travel through it to do most things in are house so it is definitely the heart of are house. So perfect location for are family chalk board. When are son was younger we had made a felt board on this wall and had a calender about it, he haven’t used the felt board for a long time so it needed to get removed and the wall repaired.

This project was pretty easy; all we needed was blackboard paint sold at home depot, I also primed first and some trim you like we used chair rail for are trim. So the process was to fix the wall with spakle, Cut the trim to size and nail to the wall we used a level and square to keep it straight and square. Next you want to fill and sane the nail holes and give the future blackboard a sand to smooth the wall help the primer grip. Prime the space let it dry per can instruction then apply your blackboard paint, we needed two coats to get a good finish. You can’t use it for several day so are little man was chomping at the bit to draw on it.

This was a project that me and my son did as a father son team so it was fun, a little hard to let him at the wall with a paint roller but I managed to let him do it with a couple of tips. All in all it was a great little project didn’t take a lot of time or expense and will be a nice benefit to are family.