Sorry, I just so have had enough of them. It was in 2009 that I used the Weed Man to attempt to clean-up a weed problem I have due to the removal of all weed killing chemicals from store shelves and the passing of a law against their use.

We have politely about 20 times told them that we are not interested in their service and that we don’t wish to be solicited by them.  They have continued to over the past 2 yrs since to call monthly to try to get us to return and we have either not answered the phone call or told that person that we are not interested. In the past 2 months they have been calling daily and blocking the number. Well last night was the straw that broke the camels back, they called not once but twice.  The last poor lady that got the screaming and yelling from me I’m a little sorry but come on people 8:45 at night getting my son ready for bed and you already called me an hour ago.

So needless to say I’m going to fight back a little and cause some shit because lets face it what business school did these idiots go to that makes them think that I would ever return to them. They are wasting their money and time and hopefully if my little blog post about them keeps one person from going to them then I take one for the team.