September 2010

I’m not a baker I prefer to cook, like the freeform feeling of cooking. I like the creating of flavors that blend well and making something that is special. Baking to me is the opposite of that, more following the directions, getting the ratio right so it rises or doesn’t rise if needed or burn. My baking is limited to cookies, birthday cake for my wife, occasionally I will make a tart. A pie is my wife’s domain and she makes a fantastic pie, be it apple or any filling, it is just magical. The closest to a pie for me is this apple tart I made.

This is not a low-fat dish it has butter in it and a lot of almonds but maybe that doesn’t count since it is a good fat.  I’m sure the “Butter” will not change that. 

This recipe like a lot we make came from online, we tend to favour a site called The recipe I used to make this low-fat tart was “French Apple Tart (Tarte de Pommes a la Normande)” yes I m getting all fancy with my french cooking. Easy recipe to make don’t let the name or the fact it’s a tart make you think other wise. I followed the recipe except in couple of places:

  • Didn’t have ground almonds so I chopped them in the food processor till they looked like bread crumbs. Never having used ground almonds not sure if that is the consistency but it is what I had.
  • I skipped the booze, we don’t drink brandy and I think whiskey wouldn’t do it justice so I used half almond extract and water.
  • I got a tip from the Naked Chef once that instead of rolling out tart shell to cut it thinly and place around your pan then press it down into the sides, trim the top edge and push the center together. I like this since me and a rolling-pin don’t get along.

 Thanks for reading

It is simple as we loved it. It might be because it was our first major trip with the trailer, the weather, the visit with friends, the relaxing, the beach. But what ever it was, it was a nice camping/vacation. We had decided to book here after being invited to a friend’s birthday party in St Thomas. We debated Pinery, Long Point or Burwell. Pinery we had heard some stuff about late night partying and noise, Long Point was an option but there seems to be a lot of poison ivy around the sites, so why take the chance with a 6 yr old. So we settled on Port Burwell and we are so glad we did.



Port Burwell is located on Lake Erie, next to the town of Port Burwell.  The major attraction is the beach, a very long, nice, sandy beach that would revile any in Ontario and even some in the Caribbean.  The water was warm and a nice sandy bottom. The down side is that you have to drive to the beach from the campsite or hike on the couple of hiking trails that lead to the beach area. This beach also has a dog beach which is nice to know for our next trip with our dog  Chase who will be coming along next time.     

Site 148

We had Site 148 in Leander campground.  It was a nice site relatively private, but no grass on the ground, which was fine when we were there but would be a mess during a rain. This site was an easy walk to the facilities and shower. Water wasn’t that far away either. The park was uncrowded and quite for such a nice place. The washrooms are cleaned regularly, the shower was not bad, they are older and need of some TLC, but again very clean if you get there when they are cleaned in the morning they are great. 

Our son loved the very big and nice play structures at the playground and was able to find some other kids to play with on this trip. We like to bring our bikes, the roads are quiet and the vehicles that do drive around do so at a safe speed. Also found that the park was patrolled often to give you the comfort being looked after but not being overly patrolled. All in all great place and look forward to a return trip next year.

What did we learned on this trip:     

  • A shower at are trailer would be nice. It was a little hard to get our boy clean and also dressed in the shower provided, an adult no problem but with him was a little challenging. We have purchased a shower tent to try out and see how that goes.
  • Our electric cooler works great, saves running for ice all the time, or worrying the stuff will go bad if we don’t have ice.
  • Learned to have some back up method of filling the trailer water tank instead of jugs and just use the jugs to top up over the trip
  • Bring some more beach type toys for the day on the beach

There are reasons for not posting for a while.  Some are valid, some are excuse,s but I have returned and plan to continue posting regularly.

The summer was fast and once again I didn’t do everything I wanted to,  but I did find something unexpectedly this summer that we never planned for and we tend to be planners.

The surprise had to do with us purchasing a tent trailer or pop up, the story of how this came about is  from me being interested in outdoor equipment. I read a Blog and Gear reviewer called the Gear junky he reviewed a product called the Sylvan Go this an extremely cool little trailer that really gave me the idea of a way to camp without the tent leaking that we have experienced the last two times we tent camped. So after some research we discovered that cool does cost and made me wonder about value for the dollar on this product. Since we already have a standard utility trailer there is no value for us in that, combined with no local sales made this a no go. But one Saturday morning over coffee my darling wife seen an ad for a trailer store for new units for about the same as the Go. So off we went to research and look,  at the end of the process we did purchase a trailer, but it was a used not new. The reason for used,  we got more for our money and also saved the freight, pre fees and the depreciation.  So here is the new to us trailer, it is a Coleman Santa Fe  2006.  The pictures are of our second camping trip of the summer at Port Burwell. Due to my work and a shortage of holiday time the trailer seems to be a good option for us, after are trip we both felt relaxed just like a vacation away to a resort.

Are Camp site and setup

The master bedroom and kitchen side

Second Bed and table

Little boy relaxing and watching an Ipod movie

 Sure the trailer was a little unorganized but this is a combination of time of day of picture and us still figuring out our storage and what works and doesn’t for camping.

Beautiful evening Light captured by my sweet wife.