My little boy turned 6 on Friday and to celebrate we took a family staycation in Toronto. We as a couple tend to be planners, we tend to maybe over plan for the simplest things but this trip was the most under planned we have been on. Maybe it was because the weather had us undecided on the best place to go and also what to do. Before I provide you with the coles notes of this trip have a look at the important part.

6 yrs Ago

6 yrs Ago

6 years

Being in SK he was off school on Thursday and Friday so as to avoid some crowds we planned to do a trip starting on the Thursdau and returning Saturday afternoon. We took a gamble on the weather, we originally planned to do Canada’s Wonderland, Science Center than the Toronto Zoo, we had also planned a dinner at Medieval Times (New name is Evil Times, our boy though this was so funny to call it this at first we thought he didn’t read the name correctly, but quickly realised he knew the correct name but liked calling it evil times). So Wednesday we found a hotel in downtown TO using priceline. Got a really good deal on the Sheraton Downtown Center, really nice hotel. So Canada’s Wonderland is something we have done once a year for the last 3 years, our son loves rides and since he is 47-7/8″ tall he is able to get on a lot of rides that might be over his ideal age but that doesn’t phase him at all. This year they have changed the theming of the park to Snoopy and the Peanuts character which is neat for kids my age but for our son    

The Fly

The Fly

that has grown up in a fairly Snoopy free age, the theming and characters are not that exciting. This year we did Thunder Run, The Fly and a bunch of the normal favorites from last time like the Ghoster Coaster, carousel, Taxi Jam but he didn’t want to do Blue Line his favorite from last time. We have brought a picnic the last two years to save some money and also to make sure our picky boy eats some food. During are lunch it poured down rain and unlike WDW they stop the rides for the rain. So after talking it over we decided to upgrade our day pass to seasons passes since we enjoyed our day and didn’t get to finish it. We felt that we would get better value then paying full price if we returned later this summer. Off to find the hotel, for those of you not familiar we Toronto the downtown area is where you find the CN tower, Rogers Center (Blue jays), Air Canada Center (Maple Leafs), and museums. We found the hotel and had a nice swim and enjoyed a little relaxing before we headed out for super. In the morning we asked our little man what he wanted to do, go to the zoo or back to Wonderland he decided that he wanted to go to Wonderland, that was what he wanted to do on his B-bay. So we called down got my hot rod Kia valeted to the front of the building and hit Wonderland on the GPS, which plotted a course that took us through the city. Because we live in the country, when we have driven into the city is always major highways we take but this is the first time that we have every been through this part of the city in 17 years, which was cool and I always wondered where China town was and now I know. We go there early about 1/2 an hour before gate opening with season passes in hand, after a waiting we walked in and headed for couple of the rides he liked for the day before, except that today he spied the Vortex and wanted to ride it. It was a beautiful day in the park the crowds where bigger but not huge and the wait was a little longer but still not super bad. We also took some time to go on two water rides, a couple of ou son’s all-time favorite rides were Splash Mountain and Kali River at WDW so we where hoping to give him something like that here but the Timber Falls was more just a wet drop, and their river ride was good but not as wet as Kali. Still we had fun which is why we came, we also did a Sponge Bob 3D ride that was neat with motion seats, would have been better with it was something other than Sponge Bob. We had a nice day in the park but after a full day of fun it was time to head to dinner at evil times.   

The Blue Knight


Evil times was fun, the food was great our son ate surprising well, the meal was: 

  • Dragons blood Soup (tomato bisque)
  • Half a chicken
  • Dragon Rib
  • Herb Potato
  • Apple pastry

He ate all of it but the rib and potato so we were very pleased. The only down size was the very obvious attempt to nickle and dime you to death but that is I guess how they make their money. Back to the hotel to see who would be the first to fall asleep, can you guess who the winner was? 

The last morning we woke and got our Tim Horton breakfast and packed and headed out for are last day. We checked out of the Sheraton. We decided to go to Mountain Equipment Co-op my favorite store, then over to the Ontario Science Center for the Harry Potter exhibit and to spend some time wandering around the other areas and also the kids Spark section. We all enjoyed the Harry Potter exhibit even our little guy that has yet to read the books found it interesting, but it left both of us wanting to read the books again. The rest of the OSC, while it was not our favorite part of the trip, but the little man loved the Spark section so he had fun. We left the OSC and returned home to get Chase, open B-day gifts and have cake. 

It was a nice trip. I enjoyed spending some time away with my family, enjoyed having this special time for his birthday and wishing it was longer. But I think that even though his b-day is a weekend next year maybe we will pull him out of school for 1-2 days and do another little staycation to celebrate.