I have read most of Jon Krakauer’s books, I enjoy his writing style very much. Most recently I finished “Where Men Win Glory” it, like most of his work, makes me question and wonder about things. This book made me do the same thing, from being very impressed by Pat Tillman’s moral compass, to questioning the role government plays in what we believe as truth. Being a Canadian our government of course is different and our choice of action in the war is different, but it makes you wonder if our political spin and molding of public opinion happens as much in Canada as Krakauer portrays it happening in his book? My assumption is yes.  I’m sure our government has tried to mold our views and change our focus of attention, to portray them in a better light. It is of course an elected job so they need the correct view of what they have done to ensure their continued employment. In some ways makes you wonder how democratic our society actually is?

Give it a read or listen sometime I think you will enjoy it.