Over the last two weekends we have planted both our veggy gardens. We seeded our older larger garden that we put in 9 years ago. The new garden we did this year is a small 5 X 10 by 15″ deep raised bed. I planned this last year after reading a blog from the Pioneer Woman. I planted this to give me more garden space and also to give me a place to plant items we use more often and in smaller amounts. It is a salad garden, so I planted it with spinach, rocket, red and green lettuce, romaine, butter crunch, musclin, and radishes. Still left to plant is some swiss chard. I also made this garden to try a cold frame this fall if time allows.

Next is to find someone selling straw to keep the weeds under control once the crops grow. Already the weeds are starting but I guess I just need to learn to love my weeds.