BBQ Chicken

As I have mentioned before we enjoy making homemade pizza, we tend to make it once a month or more depending on mood and time. This Saturday was beautiful here so we decided to cook them on the BBQ and eat outside. We love eating outside. We look forward to it all winter long.

So what do you need? The nice thing about pizza is that you be creative and make it anyway you like. What you will need: dough, and your favorite flavor combinations and that is about it. Cooking pizza is, as one of my son’s favorite TV character says,  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy. There are two ways to cook the pizza, straight on the grill itself- I tried this it works not bad but tends to be a little more farty. My favorite way is take your trusty pizza stone and use it. Remember we like thin crust pizza so a stone and high heat is the right combination, when I say high don’t mean the BBQ on high, I mean put the stone on low heat. I have three burners so I put the stone on one side and use the burner not under the stone to bring the heat back up if it falls down from opening the cover. Remember low on the burners keep it around 500 to 600 degrees is what you are after.

So prep our pizzas- we made four today that is what the dough yielded. We make them all at once placing them on cutting boards or trays and then we cooked them one at a time. We also put the finished pizza on a baking cooling rack while we cooked the others to keep the crust crispy the way we like it.

My Pizza tips

  • Try a new flavor combination, it is the fun of making pizza.
  • No more then three ingredients, if you want more than that on it make a side salad instead.
  • Use a pizza stone, once you try it you will not go back to pans or cooking on the rack again.
  • Use cornmeal on your boards to keep it from sticking before you cook.
  • Keep the heat high in the 500 to 600 range.

So here is the outcome of the pizzas we made this weekend. After BBQing.