As I have said before my darling can make pie, she is one of the two best pie makers I know. She recently made a pie I haven’t had in a long time. It was my favorite as a kid. Well what is it you are wondering? First, some questions… What is your favorite pie? What makes it your favorite? Here is a picture of my favorite, can you guess what it is?

So what type is it?

Maybe this will help too…

My sweet, kick ass pie maker got the recipe from all recipe. Another blogger I read sometimes hinted to his wife to make a pie by taking a picture of an empty pie plate, this could go a couple of ways:

  1. No pie, and maybe a look of what do you think I am.
  2. A pie, but the only pie that I don’t care for, mince meat
  3. A beautiful wonderful pie made by my wife.

Let’s try the experiment and see.