There are certain activities that I do with my son that make me feel like a kid. And really, is there any better feeling then feeling like a kid when you are older and have the all pressures that most adults feel? What is this feeling for me? It is this little flashback I feel of doing these things when I was younger.

So what are theses activities you wonder, well here is a list in no particular order of a couple:

  • Riding a bike. like a lot of kids, I spent countless hours of my childhood riding my bike.
  • Playing Lego. This was always a great thing, I spent hours playing similar to my son when he plays.
  • Skiing. The excitement of skiing those first couple years, the rush of going straight down the hill.
  • Playing a board game.  I love to play board games with him so much, a great memory of doing it as a kid.
  • Flying a kite. This is one that caused the post. I love flying a kite, not that I did it a lot when I was young, but I just love the feeling it gives you- part being a kid, part relaxation.

So what activities do you do that make you feel like a kid?