I have a local sports store that has good pricing on items but have some of the worst customer service ever. While there on a recent visit on the weekend to pick-up a new pair of Saucony runners I was ready for the bad service. I walked into the store, unfortunately shoes are one of those items you need service with and as usual there was, from what I saw,  three staff working, one at cash, one hiding in the clothing and one helping 6 customers in the shoe department. The eye opener was as I waited for my turn to get service I notice that he was helping 6 people by himself and being very customer service focused with each, making suggestions recommending other shoes, and he gave each of them equal time and care plus remembering their sizes when he would get them something else, very impressive.

I had done some research before going so I had an idea of the shoes I wanted to try, and also the price point I was interested in. I know my foot size, so asked him for the 10.5 in the models I was considering, he was polite and fast and helpful. When I asked him for another shoe he was great, said he thinks it is a better choice than the others, and got my shoe without asking size again.

Needless to say a lot of companies lose site that the employees make doing business with a company enjoyable and fosters repeat business. But the opposite is true also, the employee can hurt a company and cause bad word of mouth. Managers in these competitive businesses need to recognize this, and foster this type of service and encourage it. It should be a major part of their responsibility, not do what most do which is hide in the back,  cut worker’s hours and reduce staff to hype a balance sheet or store financial performance. 

And of course they didn’t let me down on the bad service I expected. Once I picked my shoes, I was looking for some clothing but needed some help and guess what? Not an employee to be seen just the sound of the shoe guy’s pleasant nature and care he was giving each and every customer in his department.

See my point….

As normal I have sent this to the company in hopes of highlighting a star, and pointing out a failure.