My son as I have said before has a serious Lego addiction, and when he learned to use a computer one of his favorite sites is… can you guess?…… . Lego has recently started marketing  board games and of course my son loves to look at them and then quickly disappears to make his own. This weekend I paid attention to the game and figured out some basic rules. So until Lego gets the games into Canadian stores, here is our version of the game. 

Lego Game

Winners Stand and Blocker Storage

The Objective 

To be the first player to move your Lego guy or gal from the start to the center, before your opponent and trh not to be eaten by the rock monster. We played with three players each and the kid or big kid that gets all three to the winners stand wins. 

What you need: 

Large Lego sheet, bunch of blocks to make the playing field, we made ours for four players but what ever you want. You will need a dice, at our house it is always the snakes and ladder dice that we use.  3 Lego people per person, and  blocker blocks. 

Rules are simple: 

Youngest goes first, he rolls and moves his Lego person the number of studs he rolled, good for counting and fine motor. If you roll a 6 you move the rock monster 8 studs in any direction, if you roll a 1 you block any player and they loss their turn. Rock monster rules if you are within the 8 studs and the rock monster eats you, and you have to go to the start. 

(wonder when they are hitting the stores.)