So since I have sent my payment in for my first adventure race, I have been busy doing some research into training, hydration, clothing, and equipment.

I have been official training for this race since March 9th, and the weather is still tempramental so my outdoor training has been limited, but I have gotten out on the bike couple of times. My research into this race has netted some helpful information but also some less than helpful. I have decided on the following training plan for myself, not sure of my partner’s plan but we will plan some group training soon.

My training is consisting of 5 days per week, it breaks down like this:

  • Three cardio days and weight days: Cardio is either tread-mill or elliptical or a combination of both, with some weight training.
  • One day strictly cardio: This will be a bike day but when weather is crappy will be tread-mill or elliptical.
  • One day of event or distance training: This is the day I will do long training in one event or a combination of two to push myself and get used to going the length and distance.

I found last Sunday’s training ride of 23km very satisfying, it gave me some confidence that yes I can do this.

So whats next? Keep training and schedule a group training for next week. I also need to get on the water and work on  paddling. My partner hasn’t been in a canoe since we did a river run in spring of 88. I also want to experiment with kayak paddles vs traditional paddles.

 So far it is going good and I have been able to do the bike distance and felt I still had gas in the tank to do more.