Like most people that like to cook we have an ever growing collection of cook books. Some we get because we like the look and recipes when we browse at Indigo, some we get as gifts from each other or family, some we order because we like the blog recipes like the Pioneer Woman or Steamy Kitchen. But I have one book that is extra special to me. This cookbook was typed, collated, printed, and illustrated by my family! As a little boy if memory serves me it was 1980 or earlier, my Mom who was a member of our church women’s group was asked or volunteered to help assemble a cookbook as a fundraiser for the women’s group. My Mother was a secretary so she was a great typer and she also had access to a portable printing press. The cover art was done by my Dad, I remember him sitting at his drafting board drawing that picture of our church. The recipes in this book are not all my Mother’s, they are a collection of recipes from the local ladies from that church and when I read this book the names are  familar to me.  I know them well and many of these women have now passed away, but their names live on in this book and the dishes they made.

My mother passed away in a car accident in 83, so maybe that is what makes seeing her name in this book and reading the recipes that she made when I was a boy so special. Even my copy of this special book has some history as it was given to me from my Grandmother.  It too has special memories and meaning since she has sinced passed on but her recipes live on inside of this book also.