Freecycle is a very neat concept, it is a way to see items that our still useful, get used, not get wasted or clutter your house.

Normally for us we will take items like clothing to the salvation army, but during our laundry room project we ended up with a dryer that was still in working condition that try as I might we could not find anyone to give it to. Well we decided to turn to freecycle to get ride of this item, if no one wanted from there then it would be off to be scrapped. So it was easy, used their site to find a local group, registered and by the time I was registered I came to a post by a lady looking for a dryer. We corresponded and they picked the dryer up later this past week. Now it is out of my hair, usefull to someone else and saved a working appliance from going to landfill, a win all the way around.

When you have some stuff to get rid of next time give it a shot.