Early spring is a time of year that is so anticipated by our family. Personally I am a little sad to see the skiing season winding down, excited for the garden and warmth of the spring and summer and eating outside. My wife loves that the winter is gone, and my boy, well he loves to get out and play and jump and be a kid with out snow pants and the cold.  But there is one member of our family that is super excited. That would be our little brown beagle that seems to put on weight over the winter because he can’t run and run and run around. Yesterday was a mild day, the yard is wet, most of the snow is gone and there is the distinctive sound of water-logged soil with every step. Because my wife wanted to clean up some winter presents from the dog before the rain starts this weekend  she took them both outside. She said Chase was beside himself with being able to run, and she knew full well that she would have some cleaning to do. When I got home they were all outside and let’s just say Chase was a mess, his whites where brown, his brown was black but he had the face of pure joy. My ever prepared wife had a bucket, rag and towel ready for cleaning him off when he was done, but when it was time for cleaning she needed to get a second bucket to get the dirt off.

Needless to say the dog slept very well last night.

I always forget the camera to take a picture. This will have to do until learn to always keep it handy. 

Mr Chay, Chase