The seed catalog to me is one of those things that you need to be in the form of a paper book. Yes you can go online and look and order. But the seed catalog to me must be a paper version, that you can take to your favourite place and sit and look and dream. Last year I had decided to attempt to grow some organic seeds, I also decided to try couple of heirlooms tomatoes. But both where a flop for me, not sure if it was weather or my soil but something combined last year to not give me a great producing garden.

I find it interesting that there are still the main seed people like Stokes, Veseys, but there  is an ever-growing selection of small seed companies appearing, some are online but a couple do my favourite paper catalog. The neat thing about them is they are generally local so you tend to get seeds that are hearty in your climate. I have couple that I have used or plan to use.

There are lots of others, use the power of google and look up your local seed people.  These are ones I’m planning to maybe use this year. Seeds are so interesting to me. I have green bean seeds that where given to us by my late father inlaw, and evey year I have planted them it reminds me of him and his love of the soil. And yes I hear the teasing he would do about weeds, unstraight rows, small cucumbers, just thinking about that makes me smile. It is like a precious gift that he has given us that comes every year. 

Also find the idea of not shipping seeds accross borders interesting.  I guess because of concerns of diseases. But to my logical mind I can buy fruit and vegetables from all over the world that get composted into my garden, so isn’t that doing the same thing as shipping seeds accross a border? But the rules are rules right.

One of my favorite garden pictures from last spring

One of my favorite garden pictures from last spring