March 2010

My son as I have said before has a serious Lego addiction, and when he learned to use a computer one of his favorite sites is… can you guess?…… . Lego has recently started marketing  board games and of course my son loves to look at them and then quickly disappears to make his own. This weekend I paid attention to the game and figured out some basic rules. So until Lego gets the games into Canadian stores, here is our version of the game. 

Lego Game

Winners Stand and Blocker Storage

The Objective 

To be the first player to move your Lego guy or gal from the start to the center, before your opponent and trh not to be eaten by the rock monster. We played with three players each and the kid or big kid that gets all three to the winners stand wins. 

What you need: 

Large Lego sheet, bunch of blocks to make the playing field, we made ours for four players but what ever you want. You will need a dice, at our house it is always the snakes and ladder dice that we use.  3 Lego people per person, and  blocker blocks. 

Rules are simple: 

Youngest goes first, he rolls and moves his Lego person the number of studs he rolled, good for counting and fine motor. If you roll a 6 you move the rock monster 8 studs in any direction, if you roll a 1 you block any player and they loss their turn. Rock monster rules if you are within the 8 studs and the rock monster eats you, and you have to go to the start. 

(wonder when they are hitting the stores.)


So since I have sent my payment in for my first adventure race, I have been busy doing some research into training, hydration, clothing, and equipment.

I have been official training for this race since March 9th, and the weather is still tempramental so my outdoor training has been limited, but I have gotten out on the bike couple of times. My research into this race has netted some helpful information but also some less than helpful. I have decided on the following training plan for myself, not sure of my partner’s plan but we will plan some group training soon.

My training is consisting of 5 days per week, it breaks down like this:

  • Three cardio days and weight days: Cardio is either tread-mill or elliptical or a combination of both, with some weight training.
  • One day strictly cardio: This will be a bike day but when weather is crappy will be tread-mill or elliptical.
  • One day of event or distance training: This is the day I will do long training in one event or a combination of two to push myself and get used to going the length and distance.

I found last Sunday’s training ride of 23km very satisfying, it gave me some confidence that yes I can do this.

So whats next? Keep training and schedule a group training for next week. I also need to get on the water and work on  paddling. My partner hasn’t been in a canoe since we did a river run in spring of 88. I also want to experiment with kayak paddles vs traditional paddles.

 So far it is going good and I have been able to do the bike distance and felt I still had gas in the tank to do more.

Like most people that like to cook we have an ever growing collection of cook books. Some we get because we like the look and recipes when we browse at Indigo, some we get as gifts from each other or family, some we order because we like the blog recipes like the Pioneer Woman or Steamy Kitchen. But I have one book that is extra special to me. This cookbook was typed, collated, printed, and illustrated by my family! As a little boy if memory serves me it was 1980 or earlier, my Mom who was a member of our church women’s group was asked or volunteered to help assemble a cookbook as a fundraiser for the women’s group. My Mother was a secretary so she was a great typer and she also had access to a portable printing press. The cover art was done by my Dad, I remember him sitting at his drafting board drawing that picture of our church. The recipes in this book are not all my Mother’s, they are a collection of recipes from the local ladies from that church and when I read this book the names are  familar to me.  I know them well and many of these women have now passed away, but their names live on in this book and the dishes they made.

My mother passed away in a car accident in 83, so maybe that is what makes seeing her name in this book and reading the recipes that she made when I was a boy so special. Even my copy of this special book has some history as it was given to me from my Grandmother.  It too has special memories and meaning since she has sinced passed on but her recipes live on inside of this book also.

Okay Veseys got me this morning with an email about Vermicomposter. It is the use of worms to compost materials. Wonder how this works? How does it work? Can it go outside? Will the worms live in the cold of winter?. Most interesting definately going to have to do some research into this. For those that are intrigued here is a link to the Veseys site  I still wonder how it works.


The Worm Factory® Composting Worm Bin System

The Worm Factory® Composting Worm Bin System

I have been itching to get out and ride. It is the combination of last week’s beautiful weather and the upcoming Adventure Race in May. So on Sunday we brought the bikes out of the basement, inflated flat tires, checked them over and the little man and I raced up and down the road. He was the winner of every race for some reason, I was impressed at how his riding has improved from last fall.

It was nice to get out and turn the cranks, looking forward to some more riding very soon and getting on the trails when they dry up some more.

Freecycle is a very neat concept, it is a way to see items that our still useful, get used, not get wasted or clutter your house.

Normally for us we will take items like clothing to the salvation army, but during our laundry room project we ended up with a dryer that was still in working condition that try as I might we could not find anyone to give it to. Well we decided to turn to freecycle to get ride of this item, if no one wanted from there then it would be off to be scrapped. So it was easy, used their site to find a local group, registered and by the time I was registered I came to a post by a lady looking for a dryer. We corresponded and they picked the dryer up later this past week. Now it is out of my hair, usefull to someone else and saved a working appliance from going to landfill, a win all the way around.

When you have some stuff to get rid of next time give it a shot.

Early spring is a time of year that is so anticipated by our family. Personally I am a little sad to see the skiing season winding down, excited for the garden and warmth of the spring and summer and eating outside. My wife loves that the winter is gone, and my boy, well he loves to get out and play and jump and be a kid with out snow pants and the cold.  But there is one member of our family that is super excited. That would be our little brown beagle that seems to put on weight over the winter because he can’t run and run and run around. Yesterday was a mild day, the yard is wet, most of the snow is gone and there is the distinctive sound of water-logged soil with every step. Because my wife wanted to clean up some winter presents from the dog before the rain starts this weekend  she took them both outside. She said Chase was beside himself with being able to run, and she knew full well that she would have some cleaning to do. When I got home they were all outside and let’s just say Chase was a mess, his whites where brown, his brown was black but he had the face of pure joy. My ever prepared wife had a bucket, rag and towel ready for cleaning him off when he was done, but when it was time for cleaning she needed to get a second bucket to get the dirt off.

Needless to say the dog slept very well last night.

I always forget the camera to take a picture. This will have to do until learn to always keep it handy. 

Mr Chay, Chase

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