So we finally did it, we purchased a deep fryer. Not a big deal I guess we could have used a pot and thermometer. But I have been super scared to buy one because I was worried that we would have a fire or get badly burned. This was reinforced about 17 years ago when a co-worker wife’s had her deep fryer melt and spill onto her hand and giving her 3 degree burns. But after some gentle pushing from my bride we decided to go ahead. It is surprising when you start looking how many different brands there are with different gizmos.  Since we are Canadian our choices seemed to be about half of what the US has. We read really good reviews about the T-Fal EZ-Clean  which we were sold on except it was freeking huge and took up half our counter space, so we settled on a little brand we hadn’t heard much about called Bravetti Professional . It was simple, easy to take a part and clean and smaller than the T-Fal not apples to apples comparison but a better fit for us, plus I  got it on sale for half off.

So you might wonder about what makes someone want to cook in fat? Good question I blame it on Pioneer Women, and a love of french truck fries, and battered chicken. This isn’t going to be a common cooking item in our home but for a treat every so often.

First twice Cooked Fries


So far we’ve made french fries and the Pioneer Woman’s doughnuts.  Next time we use it we will try sweet potato fries and fried chicken.

An important part of cooking with grease is know how to deal with a fire if you have one, here is a link from ehow on how to do it also this youtube video if you are a visual person

And one last thing is “GO Canada GO”, have a nice day and happy frying.