The opening ceremony made me proud to be a Canadian. Some of it was a little over the top but for the most part it was memorable, different and gave the world a taste of what makes Canada. It was great to see the first nation people shown, and the highlighting of things that make us Canadian. There sometimes seems to be a stereotypical Canadian that the world  thinks of when asked about a Canada.  I bet they didn’t include a  fiddle playing punk rocker. I hope they see a country made up people who include their roots, and accept all cultures to make a Canadian.  I think for me the poem done by Shane Koyczan was one of the best ever ways of explaining who we are as country. Didn’t find any video from the ceremony but here he is, and I think he did a an amazing job.

All in all I’m proud as a Canadian of the opening ceremony, and looking forward to watching some of the ski racing, boarding and freestyle skiing.