Hard to believe that I’m thinking or typing the following.

I’m excited for spring to come this year, I blame it on our extremely rare year for snow. I have only blown the driv way once this year. So myself like other bloggers that have an interest in gardening are starting to think about what they want to grow, plans for more gardens, or trying something new. Well I have several plans for the spring but will have to see if time and energy can translate into success. Here are a couple of the plans for the new garden season:

  • Build two new raised beds. I now have a 20′ x 20′ raised bed that I made 10 years ago, but the problem I have is I’m running out of room. So this year I plan to make three smaller ones in the pioneer women style. I will use these for tomatoes, herbs, peppers and then the third I’m planning to give to my son to plant whatever he wants to. Then that will leave the bigger garden for things that need more room and more harvesting.
  • Potatoes in containers. I read about this last year so think I’m going to try experimenting  with container grown and traditional and see how they compare.
  • Waterline, this is a self serving item, I want to run a waterline in the ground to my garden that is 140 ft from my house. This will also allow for an easy method of using my rain barrel water in the garden with out making 100 plus trips with a watering can.
  • Irrigation, going to hopefully try this out as a method of watering some of my garden, kinda the reason for the waterline.
  • New compost, I have gotten better at composting but my current problem is that I need to add some more volume to my system. I now use a plastic store bough unit and a homemade polyboard one, both are full and need emptying and moving, but I want to make a third unit. I have some ideas but will need to plan that over the next couple of months.
  • Expand my compost tea, attempts from last season, I would like to try some more of this in the garden and flowers this year.
  • Research more environmentally friendly methods of weed control since we are out of the weed man frustration of 2009

Lastly spend more time in the garden with the boss.