This weekend seems like a good week to knock off a weekend project that we discovered during the recent audit. This project had to do with the air leakage around my electrical box and light switches. This is a classic no brainer project that anybody can tackle if they have a screwdriver and the purchase of a couple of supplies. 

What supplies will you need? Electrical outlet and wallplate insulator, and some insulating foam sealant  then your ready to go fight the drafts. One last, reminder you only need to do the boxes that are on the inside of the outer walls, why do I say that, I’m sure someplace there is a person that did this to every plug in their house and you know who you are. How to do it, well that is not something I will not waste time typing all out, but lets use that new fangled media called the internet, and maybe a site like……  YouTube.

I think this guys stuff is great, love the unpolished edge to it and his other stuff he has done. Because yes we will make a mistake and he doesn’t cut it out he shows it.

Not every box will need foam sealant a lot has to do with how good the drywall was done, you may only need the foam gasket. When you get the foam sealant get latex based it cleans up with water and expands less than other brands.