What is the energy audit? An energy audit is needed before you can claim any of the government rebates for energy based repairs or upgrades. The audit for us took 2-1/2 hours. There are a couple of different steps; getting the size of the house, identifying current equipment and effeciencies, inspecting insulation in areas like the attic and basement.

 After that they install a fabric door that goes in the front door of the house with a fan and they blow the air out of the house. They measure air exchanges and calculate heat loss from that. The inspector also at this time takes you around the home showing you areas that are losing heat, areas like windows, doors, electrical boxes, any entry through the foundation or where your rim joist meets the foundation.
Once that is complete the instructor sits down and shows you what rebates you are eligible for, and explains the rebate process. You are give an information package and pay for the audit.

The data from the visit is entered into a computer model that calculates in more detailed information that is then forwarded to you.

I will share the audit when it arrives so you have an idea of what it will show you.