I had planned on making Jamie Olivers recipe your Minestrone D’inizio aAutunno pg 66 from his cookbook Jamie Italy. From the start I had some substitutes planned, since not all the ingredients are easy to find locally. So it is more of an inspired by recipe. To be truthful this is my favourite kind of cooking, to take a recipe like his and change it a bit to suit are tastes, or to take the flavours of something you love and be creative. 

His recipe inspired me to make a very tasty soup maybe more stew than soup, because we tend to like are soups hearty there was less stock and more gubins (my father in-law’s word for lots of stuff). It was fun to make and to use some ingredients that we normally haven’t cooked with.

So we have served it with tomato bruschetta.

It was a nice hearty warm meal for a day with a cold house due to non working furnace.