Saturday night was the “steamy” of the naked and steamy weekend. We had decided to try Jaden Hair‘s, Sweet and Sour Lychee Meatballs .  This recipe was from her cookbook The Steamy Kitchen. So far any of the recipes we have tried from her book have been easy to make and fast. The ingredients were all easy to get at the store  and we did get the lychees,  but since it was something new we decided to test it before adding them. we are glad we did, not a flavor that we personally cared for so we substituted the pineapple tidbits. It might have been the brand we bought they tasted a bit tinny like the can.
Frying up the meatballs

Fry the Meatballs

Prepare the Sauce

Prepare the Sauce

Bring it all together

We served it with rice and an egg roll, and nice meal because my 5 yr old son ate parts of what we made, so no separate cooking. He had the meatball and rice and some fruit, he didn’t want to try the sauce but reported that the meatballs were “yummy”

The finished meal ready for me to enjoy

This was a fun meal to make and nice to prepare with my wife. I enjoy preparing a meal with her and I always enjoy eating together as a family.