Not sure how to raise the white flag to fate, bad luck, or some mystical power but I F-ing surrender.

So why, you are wondering,  well let me tell you.  Since Jan 6, 2010 we have had the following list of major appliances/home equipment break.

  • Dishwasher: Our Kenmore piece of junk, broke less than three years after installing it. It’s predisessor was a Whirlpool Gold that lasted 7 years. 
  • Washer: Yes another Kenmore it lasted 10 years, so not too bad, but why this month just 3 days after the dishwasher.
  • Furnace: Our fossil fuel burning, carbon belching, piece of dog crap, oil furnace. My wife has called her “Clare” as in “Clare you’re a bitch”. Clare is the brand on the furnace and we for some reason always refer to her as Clare. (They are coming to test it today to verify that is has a cracked heat exchanger, but lets face it of course it is cracked,because that would require us needing good luck) Also the fact the we can smell the fumes from it all over the house is not a good sign.

So our family has unwilling contributed to the economy this month, it is time for someone else (please with a cherry on top).