Been reading a book called “In Search of Captain Zero”, a very interesting book about a man’s passion for surfing and his travels. I enjoyed reading about the feeling he gets during a session, or the feeling of the perfect ride. I have skied since I was young, rode my first snowboard in 1986. When I’m on skies or a board it is a comfortable place for me.  The feeling of the perfect carve on a board or the rush of a perfect run on skis, this feeling is hard to describe to a person that hasn’t felt it before. The best way to describe it is a harmony with the hill, snow, the surroundings, and that for me is very calming and relaxing.

Early this week I went night skiing.  My ski buddy unfortunately had other plans so it was just me, which wasn’t a big dea,l sure the sport is more fun when you can chat with a life long friend, but also skiing alone has parts of it that are enjoyable. So what makes it enjoyable? Well it is the ability to enjoy the Zen of the sport, focusing on making that flawless run, meditating to the sound of the ski carving a turn, the wind from your speed, the centering of your mind, body and spirit. I always leave a hill feeling better more relaxed, then when I started. 

Other sports have this ability for me too, windsurfing, MTB, and canoeing. I wonder do other people have activities in their life that bring them this feeling? Would love to hear about them. Sure looking at some of these sport it might be adrenalin based, but I also get a similar feeling when gardening, or lounging by the pool with my family.  

Enjoy the weekend.