While finishing the laundry room work, and getting ready to do the bathroom facelift, I was thinking about my lowly drop cloth.

The drop cloth is one of those purchases that my wife and I made back when we got our first home 16 years ago. It was a conversation that if I remember went like this, “Dear think we should invest in some good drop cloths?” “Okay, how many do you think? Do you think 3 should do it?” And with that investment of about $60.00 we have three drop cloths that have painted our homes, moved our furniture, taken the Christmas tree outside and protected the car from scratches. It is surprising what we have used this for so far and always getting our moneys worth, and act as a memory of colors painted. Like that horrible coral color that lasted a week before we repainted to a nice soft tan, to the mellow green and yellow of our son’s nursery (gender neutral).

So if you are a home owner make the investment in a drop cloth. It will last a life time and bring you lots of uses and a little memory of paint from the past good or bad.