Over the last week and a bit we began one of many home projects that we have wanted to do for a long time. Home projects for me are always rewarding when finished and make you want to continue and do more. We have a main floor laundry room/mud room and it has had a vinyl floor that had a cracked at the seam. I fixed it once then it cracked in another place. It was a floor that we have had for ten years and we haven’t been big fan’s of it for 9-1/2 years. This is what the room looked like before, the old floor and the washer dryer removed.

The floor was a big concern for me. I was worried it was going to be hard to get up, but my wife said she didn’t think they had glued it down very well. This job was something I had been procrastinating about for a while. We had purchased this embossing leveler and was going to leave the original vinyl floor in place and do the new floor on top. That too had me concerned so I threw caution to the wind and tested a piece of the floor and it peeled right up with no effort. So either this floor was laid by a new guy, or they didn’t have enough glue, or the floor was glue proof.  The only part of the floor that was glued down needing the tiniest effort to remove was a small 3″ x 3″ square in the closet and the place where I had re glued the seam two years ago.

So what did we decide to lay to replace it with? It’s a laundry/mud room that sees lots moisture and traffic, so our options were tile, vinyl sheet or laminate. We had seen a product at Home Depot that was a laminate in the sense that it floats but it was a rubber vinyl type material and it sticks to each other by a tab and glue system. A friend told us about his experience using the product that helped encourage its use. The product is Allure Resilient Flooring and we went with a tile pattern since the room that it opens on to has ceramic tile and we wanted to carry that feel.

The cutting of the tiles took some time and  because we wanted to have the grout lines match-up with the current tiled kitchen floor, the first couple of rows we laid backwards. Also that side of the room had the most cutting an farting around so it took some time. Once we got away from the cutting we went back to the manufacturer’s method of laying it and it went much faster, plus we only had cutting at the start and end of the run so it also helped speed it up.

Next was some quarter round  and to reinstall the washer and dryer, but when we were moving our washer out to lay the floor we noticed that the transmission was leaking oil, so we decided to buy a new front loaders. Our washer was old and not worth repairing and we were waiting for it to go so we could upgrade to an HE model. Unfortunately we didn’t have a great deal of time to do our normal research, since we wanted them fairly soon. So we ended up purchasing an LG set my wife looked at  and which only makes sense since she is the person that does 99.9% of our laundry. For me I can’t be more impressed with the deal she got, I think they are great and will do a good job. So Sunday as a family we hooked on the trailer, and went to Home Depot to pick them up, she purchased the floor models so we needed to make sure we had stuff to protect them, we also purchased a dolly since jobs like this are left to just the two of us and the washer weighed 175 pounds. This allowed us to get it inside the house without hurting them or one of us.  After we loaded up the trailer and tied everything down we headed home, I was concerned about how we would get the appliances inside we have about 3 ft height difference between our garage door and the laundry room, but as normal my wife has a suggestion that makes sense, a ramp, great idea. So with two 2x6s, two 2x4s for spacer’s and 4 clamps we made a ramp. What a great and relatively easy way to get some heavy and awkward items in  the house without damaging them, you, or the walls.  After some frustration getting the vent on the dryer we are almost finished this project,  I have some 1/4 round to finish and painting. Our next project is are son’s bathroom our main upstairs bathroom. It has the same floor that appears not glued down so are plans are: new floor, paint, and light fixture.