Today is the last work day for me, not my most productive work day but what the hell. I have been thinking about our family traditions and working on a couple of last min things. Traditions we have are as much anticipated as is the  big day, over the years here are some of them:

  • The Christmas letter. I have been writing my Christmas letter to my boy and my wife, since he was born, it is a quick little one page letter to tell him about the year just finished, let him know how proud I am of him. This is partially so he will have the memory in writing to go with the pictures we take of our lives. I also do it because being the son of a mother that, unfortunately, was taken from me way too early, I wish I had some words from her. To not only to reinforce the memory and the pictures but to have a sense of her from before I can remember.
  • We have a nice Christmas eve dinner together as a family, this meal is made of salad, horderves, olives, crackers, pate, cheese, dips,  just nibbly things that we enjoy eating.
  • We sprinkle reinder food on the lawn, this is a new tradition that came from my son’s school last year. It is a mix of oats and glitter that one a child in his class gives to her fellow students.
  • We like most people give our son one gift to open Christmas eve before bed and yes it is PJs.
  • Once the man is in bed, my bride and I will watch a Christmas movie by the fire.
  • This year if not to windy think we will be adding a hot tub soak to the evening.
  • Christmas morning we get up when ever we are a waken up by our son and have coffee and warm monkey bread. This is a heart stopping breakfast  that my wife has been making for the last couple of years.
  • We put on CityTv’s yule log  in the back ground while we unwrap gifts.  
  • We spend the entire day including our fancy Christmas dinner in PJ’s.
  • And all we do all day is spend time as a family.

 That is it for me until after Christmas so Happy Holidays and enjoy your family and time together this season.