Friday evening we transformed our house, like every year, to a Christmas wonderland. Maybe not wonderland but a house that definitely shows Christmas is coming. We have put up our first of two trees, yes two. Why two you may ask? Well we like to have a real tree but we won’t get that until 2-3 weeks before the big day, and my wife and son love christmas, not necessarily the  just day but everything that comes before it and this is one part of that. We made the two tree decision to allow for them to have a tree up several weeks earlier (don’t tell them but I like also).  The artificial tree is kinda special in a weird family way, we use it to display our growing collection of homemade ornaments. Every year we pick an ornament craft for us to do as a family and one weekend we while sit down and make those ornaments. Yes it is kind of a corny thing but personally it is something I love.  Seeing the corny, okay, lets just say less than beautiful creations from the years before. I will post our craft this year once we get it made.

Anyways here is some pictures of the tree this year.