Sunday we had a nice day. My boy was up at seven, I let him watch cartoons for a bit on Sundays before breakfast. As normal I asked what he would like for breakfast and he decided a pancake. I personally was thinking he would want his usual Cheerios dry and fruit, but pancake it was. Okay one single pancake and strawberries coming right up. About a year ago I watched my wife make him a single pancake, but she just mixed a small amount of mix in a mug with some water? And yes I was mystified for a couple of minutes that you could do that (was thinking too logically that you needed to make a batch), anyways it is a great tip for anyone that is like me. So the day is going similar to any Sunday at this time. Later, before lunch, I took my boy outside to play while I did couple of fall jobs. I got the shelter on my snow blower ready to go for the first snow storm.

So what made this Sunday different? Well it was the Santa Claus parade in Toronto, so we PVR’d it to watch later without the commercials. We also started the never-ending playing of my son’s favorite Christmas movie.  The one he has seen all his young life, the one that still makes him smile that sweet smile. Can you guess what it is?????? Yes the Polar Express, from when we start to watch now, till after New Years it is one continuous playing of the hot chocolate song.

That song sticks in my head. I also made a roast chicken and the fixings for me and my bride for supper. Our little picky eater ate some chicken and a spoon of potatoes. It was a nice start to the holiday season for us, and my son and bride have already asked to put the first of our two tree’s up next weekend.