My boy had his first hockey practice today. He is in Timbits, it is a learn to play program that is sponsored by Tim Hortons. For those of you that are south of the border and haven’t experienced it yet, Tim’s or Timmy’s is a coffee chain that was started by an NHL hockey player in Canada. They have been slowly growing into the USA. Okay that was a little off topic, anyways I was so very proud with how he did. His skating improved about 15% in this first time out and the coaching staff was great.

It has been many, many years since I did a learn to skate program and the drills and games are exactly the same.

markhockey pic as a kid_edited-1

Definately gives me the urge to start to play again, the whole experience was great and one he enjoyed. We will see if he wants to play next year, but for now it is a nice fun time for him.


He seems so intense in this picture, kinda true he has just gotten on the ice without any help of his skating aids like he has had at public skating.


He is getting the hang of the skating with two feet so very very proud of him.


This picture kinda speaks for itself, doesn’t it?