Okay this is just my feeling and in no way I’m saying it isn’t an important issue, and I am not touching the whole vaccination issue.

But if the word “H1N1” (is that even a word?) was part of drinking game, you would be drunk before 10:00am. I understand the importance of making people aware, I understand the obligation our government has in telling us about, but it let’s look at the last two days here in our home. We received: pamphlet in the mail from the government (not the first and not the last), My son had one come home from school (the 2nd one brought home so far), I got 2 emails from people taking about it, got 2 mailing at work, plus overheard 3 co-workers taking about it. And that is in two days so basically when is it enough? Over exposing tend you to not be concerned or you spread panic, and can you think of a vaccination that has more pro’s, con’s, and BS  talked about it?

Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian and has a TV show that I enjoy. His sense of humor and ranting make me laugh. Check out his ranting about this issue. You can check out the video rant here.

Please note I am now adding myself to the talking about it.