Apple picking is one of our fall traditions for most of our married life. We have gone apple picking at the same orchard. It is fun to get out with our son and enjoy the time with him doing a family outing. Every year we pick two bushel bags. Some we eat as is and of course my beautiful and talented baking wife makes pies, crisp, and cake. This year our boy has taken to getting an apple by himself, washing it and then sitting down and eating it. He is normal picky eater so this surprised me, he does like apples, but peeled and skin off. It is neat to see him get one himself and eat it, so hope this is a continuation of things to come.

Our local orchard, as most of the small agricultural based businesses, sees a great business this time of year. As the years have gone on the orchard has grown from small basic place to a large store and winery, providing apple wine tasting and market and even a small par 3 golf course. But they still have managed to keep the feeling that we enjoy every year. Below are some of the many pictures we have of our son at the orchard.

My Bride pointed out that I missed these two pictures