Last weekend we took our boy to the hockey rink so he could try skating for the first time. I must say both my wife and I both had so much fun, it has been maybe 7-8 years since we last went skating  and before that was when I stopped playing hockey. But it seems to be one of the sports that I have the muscle memory to do, because I seemed to remember all of the moves.

Our  little boy did very very good for his first time on skates and ice. He seems to have a good balance and I think it is the skiing he has been doing for the last 3 years. I’m so super proud of how good he did, we are planning to take him a couple more times before the start of Timbits hockey on Saturday mornings this winter.  It is a learning to skate program that has them in hockey equipment so should be fun, also I get to go out on the ice so that will be fun for me. Anyway I highly suggest that you give public skating a try this fall/winter.