October 2009


This year we grew pumpkins in my top soil pile, we end up with 5 from that crop, but just like apple picking, visiting the local pumpkin patch is something that we do every year as a family. It was a nice day and a great family outing as it seems to be every year. Noah has over the years gotten more into the carving and taking the insides out. We also went to the dollar store and got some push in faces that we put into two of the pumpkins. Kind of like Mr Potato Head.


An old picture and one of my favorites.


Okay this is just my feeling and in no way I’m saying it isn’t an important issue, and I am not touching the whole vaccination issue.

But if the word “H1N1” (is that even a word?) was part of drinking game, you would be drunk before 10:00am. I understand the importance of making people aware, I understand the obligation our government has in telling us about, but it let’s look at the last two days here in our home. We received: pamphlet in the mail from the government (not the first and not the last), My son had one come home from school (the 2nd one brought home so far), I got 2 emails from people taking about it, got 2 mailing at work, plus overheard 3 co-workers taking about it. And that is in two days so basically when is it enough? Over exposing tend you to not be concerned or you spread panic, and can you think of a vaccination that has more pro’s, con’s, and BS  talked about it?

Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian and has a TV show that I enjoy. His sense of humor and ranting make me laugh. Check out his ranting about this issue. You can check out the video rant here.

Please note I am now adding myself to the talking about it.


This morning on my drive to work finished my most recent read (listen) it is Anita Shreve book Testimony. As usual I will not go into much detail because if you are reading it or wanting to read it you need to discover the story for yourself. I have read couple of her books and like her writing style and store telling skills, and this book was not a let down in that way. It was written in a different method and the story told differently, but once I got into, I enjoyed the neat way of writing and it did fit with the title of the book. I personally find a book that can put you into a story, or remind you of a past experience is a very well written book.

One of my all time favourite stories from this author is Light on snow, so check it out when you finish Testimony.

Happy reading or listening to what ever you enjoy.

Apple picking is one of our fall traditions for most of our married life. We have gone apple picking at the same orchard. It is fun to get out with our son and enjoy the time with him doing a family outing. Every year we pick two bushel bags. Some we eat as is and of course my beautiful and talented baking wife makes pies, crisp, and cake. This year our boy has taken to getting an apple by himself, washing it and then sitting down and eating it. He is normal picky eater so this surprised me, he does like apples, but peeled and skin off. It is neat to see him get one himself and eat it, so hope this is a continuation of things to come.

Our local orchard, as most of the small agricultural based businesses, sees a great business this time of year. As the years have gone on the orchard has grown from small basic place to a large store and winery, providing apple wine tasting and market and even a small par 3 golf course. But they still have managed to keep the feeling that we enjoy every year. Below are some of the many pictures we have of our son at the orchard.

My Bride pointed out that I missed these two pictures



Last night we decorated our home for Halloween, us like most people have a box full of decorations. Every year since our first home we have put up these decorations. We have added more over the years and also gotten rid of some. There is one decoration that seems to go up on the wall every year, it is a smoking, drinking Dracula. This pc of moral and value building decoration that came from my mother in-law’s that she probably had since the early 80’s makes me laugh every year. We are non-smokers, but just the site of him makes me laugh and every year he gets a nice prominent display area. This year sadly the cigar smoking pumpkin didn’t make the cut but maybe next time.


dracula smoke

What is two finger or one of vodka, and bloody mary's fingers

What is two finger or one of vodka, and bloody mary's fingers


 And of course no family decorating would be complete without chase.

Chase is depressed he has ear envy

Chase is depressed he has ear envy

This weekend we spent away at my mother-in-law’s, while we were there we did couple of chores outside around her house.  We were outside working we had Chase outside with our boy playing in the fall leaves. I was looking at the images from the weekend and a couple of them really showed the neat little bond these two have. Chase our family dog and our little boy  have a very close bond. Chase is 3 and it seems like he has been around for much longer. Do dogs love? Don’t think it is the same as people but what ever pack or wolf instinct a dog has our little beagle has nothing but love for our boy. Chase cries when he isn’t home and when home he keeps a very close eye on him. Here are a couple of pictures of the two of them being buds.

Happy Turkey weekend all my fellow Canadian, Let the feast begin or the last long weekend for a while


Beatiful Not

Beatiful Not

Much Better

Much Better

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