Even pick-up a nut

Even pick-up a nut

On our family trip our son asked me twice if he could eat with chop sticks, or chomp sticks as he likes to call them. I said  that we would bring home some and we could try them.  On Saturday we went and got the groceries and restocked the fridge and pantry, we also got the stuff we needed to make sesame noodles.

The recipe we made came from the Pioneer Woman  we love her site.  Of course when he found out what we were making for super he asked if he could use chomp sticks and I said of course and why don’t you set the table. He did and everyone got chomp sticks plus Teddy (his bear) and Chase because dogs are good at eating with chomp sticks.

Chase meeded them also

Chase needed them also

While things where being cooked I had this scene in my head from a movie or a TV show that some guy couldn’t eat with chop sticks and a girl made a way for him that was easier to use them. With the power of google and here is a video on how to do it (sorry for the annoying web site). It worked like a charm he had a great meal for supper. 

If you remember the movie that came from please let me know.