I decided not to go into a lot detail about WDW (rodent as Daddy Scratches calls him) most people have been there or know people who have. Instead I will pass on couple of things that worked for us.

What worked:

  • Free Dinning – I like this, it makes you feel that you have gotten some great value for your stay. This makes a trip much more budget friendly. I don’t think I would go without Free Dining.
  • Pop Century Resort – This is a value property at Disney. It is what it is, the room is smallish, beds are small, but let me tell you after the heat and all the walking, even my wife that can be a night owl was asleep fast. The resort is bright and maybe a little over the top but it is Disney and that is part of why you are here.  We have seen the moderates, not worth that extra $ in our opinion. We also experienced the bus service at a Deluxe resort, and let’s just say Pop has better service. Maybe the stops are further away, but people you have just walked all day, is a little farther going to hurt you?


  • Quick silver car service – Who in their right mind would want to take the Magical Express after you do this? Sure cost a little more but it included a grocery stop (save money), and a quick trip to the resort and back to the airport. Also since I’m Canadian and Magical Express looks at us  as an international departure, we didn’t have to go to the airport 4 hours before our flight left.
  • Tour Guide Mike – This is an online service that will help to keep you away from the lines and make the most of your trip, we used him before and with this trip also. We got a taste of what happens when you don’t use his the advice on the last day. We had the longest lines and the busiest park in two trips, and guess what it, was a not recommended day… but my son needed to ride Splash one more time so we went with it.
  • Stroller – Okay this I agree, at 5 he should maybe have walked, but lets face it,  it is stinking hot, lots of walking and Daddy is on holiday and didn’t want the wining. We used our trusty Maclaren Volo that we got that last trip and used it again. Our son is now too big for it (height wise not weight wise) so we will pass it along. It was cheaper than a rental, smaller, lighter, and great to use it at the airport.


  • Advanced Dinner Reservation – ADR’s okay this is extremely important and a bit of a pain but you must make them for any meal that you want to sit down and eat inside (also called Table service). Yes it takes some of the fun out of the trip and takes away from being spontaneous,  but do you find getting turned away, or waiting 2 hrs to eat fun? Make the ADRs, save the frustration.

What didn’t work- not too much,  having a flexable nature and doing what we can so that we roll with changes and modifications to our plans. Sure there are things we wanted to do but didn’t, and there are things we didn’t plan to do but loved. Our son had his moments of being extremely frustrating but that happens at home also. And come on what 5 yr old doesn’t have these moments?

All in all it was a great family trip. The credit for most of the planning and getting things ready goes to my bride. 

So thank you sweet heart for another great family trip….. Where to next? “Windsor”….