This form of messaging confuses me. I have never texted, so I guess that makes me a text message virgin. And really I don’t have a great deal of desire too, but feeling a little peer pressure to learn, If my grandmother starts maybe I should learn. I would never have figured that text messaging would be so popular, when I’m out and look around there are more people texting then talking on the phone. I have more business contacts now sending  me blackberry email messages that have short forms that I should know. 
And more kids walking around with their heads down and thumbs going.  How long will it be until there  is some condition like “text neck”.
 The sad part for me is when you see a mother or father out with their child for an outting, or watching their child playing sport, and they spend more time frigging with their text messaging  then paying attention to their child and family. I’m sure these same partents will yell at their child when they are older because they are too busy messaging with whatever method is cool at that time.
Kind of a sad sign of the connected society we live in.