My bride  is an avid reader and started to read Harry Potter books the books in December of 2008(and yes I teased her that they are for kids). After reading the first two books she wanted to watch the first move.  She checked the movie out from the local library and we sat down and watched it.  I was quite taken with the movie and the whole story idea, so I decided to check the books out. Lets just say that I have become a big fan, I have read all of them except the first, and loved them. I do need to clarify that I’m and extremely slow reader so I actually listen to them on CDs, which I get from my local library. The first book is missing so I couldn’t listen to that one. I have planned to start to read it over our holidays next week, so will finish I think by Christmas at my reading speed.

Anyways I’m almost finished the last book and feeling a little sad that it is over, but my bride sent me a link for a fan written book based on Harry Potter.  It is interesting and I will attemp to read it when I finish the first book. Here is a link to the website site which is pretty cool for a fan of the series.