Tonight on the eve of the start of another school year for my boy I had one of those interesting parenting moments.

After supper my son had a girl over to play who lives on our street, she is 7.  A little while later two brothers from our street that are 5 and 8 came over also to play. This is great, I thought he loves having people over to play, and they seemed to be having fun. I was close by doing some outside jobs but keeping an eye on them. They finished jumping on the trampoline, playing on the swing, and moved to hockey and scootering in the driveway. I then see the girl and the youngest brother fighting over the scooter, and she asked my son to help take it back. When I saw this and told her and my son to give it back he wasn’t done. And then some words of “I hate you” were uttered, and “I’m going to hit you”, and then the youngest brother calls the girl… “asshole!”

In my mind they are all too young for these words, and my bride and I do not allow our son to talk that way. So I  fathered up and said that if you are going to talk like that and not get along then you all need to go home and not come back until you are going to talk properly and get along. I also sent my son inside so that we could explain why they were sent home and that we don’t allow that at our house. I’m not foolish enough to think the day will never come for these words,  but 5-year-old to me is still too young to express hate and voilence for fellow person.

Just one more pebble in the road of parenting